Figure 9.

Impact of different in vitro peptide restimulation doses on cytokine program of T cell lines. Th2αβ TCR transgenic mice were primed with either 25 μg or 125 μg PLP 56-70 peptide in CFA and T cell lines were cultured from DLN cells for three cycles of re-stimulation and expansion using the peptide re-stimulation doses indicated. Triplet bars for each set of culture conditions are arranged in the order IL-4 (blues), IL-13 (greens) and IFNγ (reds). The darker the color, the greater the response for that cytokine. An unfilled (white) cell indicates no detectable response for that cytokine. For IL-4: unfilled, below detection limit; pale blue, response of <50 pg/ml; dark blue, response of >50 pg/ml. For IL-13, unfilled, below detection limit; green, response of <500 pg/ml; dark green, response of >500 pg/ml. For IFNγ (assayed by qPCR), unfilled (white) indicates relative expression of 1; pale pink indicates relative expression <25; dark pink indicates relative expression between 25 and150; red indicates relative expression >150.

Reynolds et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:32   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-12-32
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