Figure 8.

Thick bundles of longitudinally-oriented neurites are deeper (closer to the lumen) than the majority of ENCCs. Single optical sections of whole-mount preparations of E12.5 small intestine of an Ednrb-hKikGR mouse that was also immunostained using an antibody to Tuj1 (magenta). A, B. Single optical section at a focal plane in which there is the highest density of ENCCs. There is a plexus of Tuj1+ cell bodies and neurites with no obvious orientation. C, D. At the focal plane of the longitudinally-oriented neurite bundles, the density of ENCCs is lower. ENCCs, enteric neural crest-derived cells.

Young et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:23   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-12-23
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