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Minimum spanning network and Venn diagram. (A) Minimum spanning network constructed using microsatellite data. The letter ‘O’ and red color refers to Orsay; S and blue to Santeuil. Circle size is proportional to the number of strains with a particular genotype. The solid lines show the main relationships among genotypes, while the dotted lines show alternative connections. Line length correlates with the inferred number of evolutionary differences. The minimum spanning network was reconstructed with the software program Arlequin. (B) Venn diagram of genes for which DNA hybridization intensity per genetic group was significantly different from that of the the out-group. Total number of genes for each strain: Orsay: 1,933; Santeuil 1: 3,181; Santeuil 2: 737; Santeuil 3: 567. Group S1 appeared to be the most divergent from the out-group, with 3,181 genes that differed significantly. A large part of these genes (803) was also shared with the Orsay group. The number of significantly different genes that were the same for S3 and S2 or O (4 in both cases) and for S2 and O (1 gene) was remarkably low. S2 and O also shared a small number (n =19) of the same significantly different genes.

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Volkers et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:93   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-93