Figure 1.

Bioinformatic analysis. A. Comparison between the deduced amino acid sequence of P. falciparum inhibitor 2 (PfI2) and Human inhibitor 2. (PlasmoDB gene identifier: PF3D7_0320000) was aligned with the Human Inhibitor 2 (HuI2 (Genbank accession number: NM_006241) homologous using the ClustalW algorithm and was manually corrected. The identical residues are shown by a star. Amino acids are numbered at the right of the sequence. The first box contains the “KGILK” motif, the second the “RvXF” motif and the third, the “HYNE” motif. The amino acids involved in the putative nuclear localization signal are shown in light gray. B. Known interaction sequences between Human I2 and PP1 were compared to PfI2 sequences. C. Predicted PfI2 structure. The helices are represented by a cylinder, the coils are represented by a line. D. Phylogenic tree of the Inhibitor 2 family. A maximum likehood tree was generated from the 21 inhibitor-2 sequences using MEGA5 under the JTT + G + I model with 100 bootstrap repetitions. Outgroups are formed by inhibitor 3 orthologs (I3, outgroup 1) and sds22 like proteins (LRR1, outgroup 2).

Fréville et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:80   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-80
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