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Spectra used for chromatic contrast modelling. (A,B) A total of 100 spectra of sideward irradiance at a water depth of 1 m (A) and 10 m (B). These spectra were taken as the irradiance that illuminated the stimulus fish and the vertical rock substrate. (C,D) Mean spectral sideward irradiance at a depth of 1 m (C) and 10 m (D) that was taken as the irradiance that adapted the viewer fish eye. (E) Spectral reflectance of the body pattern of fish (n = 87). (F) Spectral reflectance of diverse rock substrates (n = 8). (G) Spectral transmission of the lens in Metriaclima zebra. (H) Spectral absorbance templates for visual pigments of A1 chromophore constructed based on the cone pigments typically found in adult M. zebra: a single cone-occupying pigment (SWS1, λmax = 368 nm) and two double cones-occupying pigments (Rh2b, λmax = 484 nm; Rh2a, λmax = 523 nm). For graphical presentation only, each of the spectra presented in (A-F) was normalized by its norm.

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Sabbah and Hawryshyn BMC Biology 2013 11:77   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-77