Additional file 2: Figure S1.

Gene structure for the genes Delta, eve1 and eve2. Gene structure and extension of in situ probes for the genes Delta, eve1 and eve2, mapped against genomic scaffolds from the Smar_1.0 genome assembly ( webcite), and gene models derived from the current genome annotation (pending submission to Ensembl Metazoa - web link to be provided at proof stage(, which incorporates RNAseq data as well as the cDNA information. The genome map is represented on a light blue background. Bars represent exons, the blue-filled parts being the coding regions, and the open parts the UTRs; 5′ on the left; red lines mark the stop codons. Hybridization in situ probes are represented on a black background, with exon probes in yellow (derived from cDNA clones) and intron probes in light blue, derived from genomic DNA: note that in the case of Delta the two intron probes each include a small exon (60 nucleotides). The two exclusively intronic probes of eve1 have not yielded any detectable signal on in situ hybridization. (Data from Strigamia maritima genome assembly Smar_1.0. Note that the three gene maps are not to the same scale.

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Brena and Akam BMC Biology 2013 11:112   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-112