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Spatial distribution of Caenorhabditis species in the Orsay orchard over 19 time points. Black dots: apple trees. Apple positions were noted using the tree(s) they were closest to. Empty square: apple with no Caenorhabditis. The apples with Caenorhabditis are indicated with their sample name, for example "O11", and color-coded according to the species that was/were found. Red: C. briggsae. Blue: C. elegans. Mauve: C. briggsae and C. elegans. Yellow: C. sp. 13. Orange: C. briggsae and C. sp. 13. Green: C. elegans and C. sp. 13. The size of the square is proportional to the Caenorhabditis population size. Representative for each population size are 1 to 10 individuals: apple O14; 11 to 100: apple O13; 102 to 103: apple O15; 103 to 104: apple O145; > 104: apple O535. The sampling date is indicated at the top left of each map; n: number of sampled apples [see Additional File 1 for scoring of these apples]. North is to the top.

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FĂ©lix and Duveau BMC Biology 2012 10:59   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-59