Figure 6.

The UPR is activated by gene mistranslations. A) Gene expression profile highlighting genes involved in the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) elicited by mistranslations. B) Cross stress comparison of DEGs using GO terms enrichment analysis. Mistranslations up-regulate ERAD, ER translocation, protein folding and oxidative stress genes. C) Activation of the UPR regulator HAC1 (HAC1i) through splicing. The panel shows RT-PCR fragments of the HAC1 mRNA amplified using specific primers and the presence (HAC1u) and absence (HAC1i) of a 252-bp intron in the HAC1 primary transcript. A microfluidics gel image showing increased quantity of the HACi isoform at induction times T120' and T180'. D) The graph shows the quantification of both forms of the HAC1 mRNA displayed in B. The data were normalized to the ACT1 internal control (*P < 0.05 for HAC1i vs. HAC1u two-tailed unpaired Student's t-test comparison).

Paredes et al. BMC Biology 2012 10:55   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-55
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