Figure 1.

The complete carnivore supertree showing the best estimates of the divergence times. The major carnivore lineages counterclockwise from the top left are Canidae (red), Pinnipedia (pink), Mephitidae (orange), Procyonidae (yellow), Mustelidae (light green), Ailuridae (black), Ursidae (dark green), Nandiniidae (black), Hyaenidae (light blue), Eupleridae (dark blue), Herpestidae (light purple), Viverridae (dark purple), Prionodontidae (grey) and Felidae (brown); outgroup taxa have been omitted (see Figure 2). Time intervals are in units of 5 Ma.

Nyakatura and Bininda-Emonds BMC Biology 2012 10:12   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-12
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