Figure 1.

The Pom1 gradient model for length sensing in fission yeast. (a) An early G2 cell. Pom1 protein emanating from the cell tips (purple) inhibits Cdr1/Cdr2 in the cortical nodes (light blue circles). Wee1 is therefore active and carries out inhibitory phosphorylation of Cdc2. (b) A late G2 cell. Pom1 concentration at the medial site is decreased. At a critical threshold, Cdr1/Cdr2 are no longer inhibited (dark blue circles) and so the Wee1 inhibition of Cdc2 is lifted. The active CDK drives mitotic entry.

Marshall et al. BMC Biology 2012 10:101   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-101
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