Table 5

Price implications of a multi-dose chlorhexidine liquid
Price in taka* Percent willing to pay Demand side implications
15–25 (US$0.21–0.35) 33 Borrowing money is not required by any respondent interviewed.
26–35 (US$0.37–0.50) 23 Borrowing money is required for 33% of the respondents interviewed.
36–44 (US$0.51–0.63) 11 Borrowing money is required for 56% of the respondents interviewed.
45–60 (US$0.64–0.85) 33 Borrowing money is required for 67% of the respondents interviewed.
Total 100

*Conversion based on international exchange rates as of December 2010: US$1 = Bangladeshi Tk. 70.

Coffey et al.

Coffey et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2013 13:44   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-13-44

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