Table 1

Age when widowed, household and living arrangements, and land ownership
Pseudonym Age when widowed Head of household Living arrangements Landholdings
Geeta 27 No Lives with parents Not in possession of her husband’s land
Elsamma 27 Yes Lives alone 1 acre divided into 8 equal shares for her children and herself (from husband)
Amina 37 Yes Lives with sons 19 cents of land divided for children and herself, 5 cents in her name (from husband)
Jamila 63 Yes Lives with eldest son 7 cents of land in her name (from husband)
Lata 35 Yes Lives with children in tribal colony Colony has 10 cents of land (from Panchayat)
Priya 30 Yes Lives with son 73 cents of land in her name (from husband)
Usha 31 Yes Lives with daughters 35 cents (5 cents from husband, 30 cents from father)
Sumathi 57 Yes Lives with daughters -
Leela 21 Yes Lives with parents 4 cents of land (from Panchayat)
Shantha 46 Yes Lives with eldest daughter

Source: Qualitative survey.

Mohindra et al.

Mohindra et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2012 12:28   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-12-28

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