Table 2

Description of CBE at different institutions


Nature of institutions

Administration of CBE

Field attachment to health facilities (hospitals) or established private laboratories

Laboratory training institutions (both diploma- and certificate-awarding)

Principal tutor, Deputy principal tutor

CBE being part of Primary Health Care

Clinical officer training institutions (Diploma-awarding)

Principal, Deputy principal tutor, Coordinator and Tutors,

COBERMS (community based education research management services)

Kampala International University (Degree-awarding institution)

Year coordinators

Administrative Secretary, CBE Coordinator, COBERMS Under The Deans’ Office, COBERMS Committee,

Community-based education and service

Makerere University and Mbarara Universities (both degree-awarding)

COBES Chairperson

COBES Committee

COBES administrator

COBES Supervisors

COBES site tutors

Clinical attachment as part of community health

Certificate and diploma awarding nurses training institutions

Academic Registrar, Principal, Deputy principal, Coordinator and Tutors

Community clerkship (students learn in contexts outside their institutions)

All institutions

See specific institutions

Community health, primary health care, health promotion and education, hospital/health centre attachment

Clinical officer training institutions (Diploma awarding)

All diploma awarding nurse-midwife training institutions

Principal, Deputy principal, Coordinator and Tutors. (Activities under the Department of Community Health, led by Heads of Department of Community Health and supported by Health Educators)

PHC practicum

Certificate awarding nurse-midwife training institutions

Heads of Department of Community Health, Health Educators.

Kaye et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11(Suppl 1):S4   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-11-S1-S4

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