Table 4

Linear regression models of the relationship between latrine use, latrine overflow, and diarrheaA in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua, 2009 (N = 189).

Final PDB (95% CI)

Full Multivariate ModelC

PD (95% CI)

Latrine UseD

No Latrine



Latrine, no overflow

-0.17 (-0.35, 0.01)

-0.17 (-0.36, 0.01)

Latrine, overflowedE

0.02 (-0.18, 0.22)

0.03 (-0.18, 0.23)


No reported overflow



Reported overflow

0.19 (0.03, 0.36)

0.20 (0.03, 0.36)

PD = prevalence difference

A Two week prevalence of household diarrhea

B The final model was not adjusted for other covariates

C The full multivariate models were adjusted for tambos (a proxy for living in a flood prone region), number of individuals in the household, and education level of the head of household (a proxy for socioeconomic status of the household)

D Household latrine

E Within household that had a latrine, did that latrine overflow (1 or more times) in the past year.

Denslow et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2010 10:30   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-10-30

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