Table 3

Studies Testing Patient Knowledge Regarding Anticoagulation


Setting/Study population

Questions – Number and Type


Hu et al30 2006

Large urban teaching hospital 100 mechanical valve patients

20, True-False

Scripted telephone survey Trained medical student

Zeolla et al12 2006 OAK test

U.S., Recruited from 4 pharmacies and 2 clinics 122 volunteers

20, Multiple choice, Validity and reliability testing

Self administered Excluded illiterate patients 7th grade reading level

Roche-Nagle, Chambers31 2006

Dublin teaching hospital anticoagulation clinic 150 consecutive patients

8, Specific answers

Standardized interview

Davis et al11 2005

Two NYC anticoagulation clinics 52 patients

18, Multiple choice

Self administered Single visit Excluded low literacy patients

Briggs et al32 2005 AKA test

Two Chicago inner city, pharmacist-managed anticoagulation clinics 60 patients

28, Multiple choice, Validity and reliability testing

Self administered Excluded illiterate patients 7th grade reading level

Voller et al15 2004

Three German 3 teaching centers 76 patients

13, Multiple choice

Questions not available

Nadar et al33 2003

3 U.K. teaching hospital anticoagulation clinics 180 patients who attended the clinic > 5 times

9, Short answer

Language concordance, personal interview

Tang et al9 2003

1 Hong Kong anticoagulation clinic 56 patients months postdischarge

9, Dichotomous and open-ended

2 rehearsed pharmacy students Leading questions avoided Scoring details

Cheah et al34 2003

U.S. teaching hospital center 50 inpatients

10, Open-ended

Telephone survey

Singla et al18 2003

U.S. anticoagulation center 180 patients

4, Yes/No

Immediately after class

Wilson et al35 2003

U.S. urban university hospital anticoagulation clinic 65 patients

20, Short answer

Investigator interview one week post discharge. Instrument not available

Barcellona et al36 2002

Italian thrombosis center 216 patients taking warfarin for 6 months

6, Multiple choice


Waterman et al37 2001

U.S. managed care organization 530 patients

11, True-False or short answer

Telephone-based interview at enrollment

Wyness et al38 1990

U.S. university hospital vascular surgery unit 23 patients

Interview soliciting explanation

Before discharge, and 1 & 3 months after discharge Oral interview

Stone et al24 1989

Hospital-based anticoagulation clinic 22 patients

18, True-False


Rankin39 1979

University hospital cardiac rehabilitation unit 19 patients

14, Multiple choice

3–4 days later and 3 weeks later Investigator administered

Clark et al40 1972

U.S. university hospital, 45 patients

15, Multiple choice

Self administered

Wofford et al. BMC Health Services Research 2008 8:40   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-8-40

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