Table 5

The Participatory Workplace intervention



Who is involved?

1. Organisational preparation

Contact human resource manager or OP to provide information about who is responsible for adjustments in the workplace and what procedures should be followed

RTW coordinator

Check that the supervisor of the employee involved has been informed about program, agrees with it and with its possible financial consequences

RTW coordinator

Plan appointment for conversations

RTW coordinator, employee and supervisor

2. Inventory of barriers for RTW

Observation of the workplace

RTW coordinator and employee

Interviews about tasks and barriers for RTW

RTW coordinator has separate interviews with employee and supervisor

Prioritise barriers for RTW

Employee, supervisor and RTW coordinator

3. Thinking of, collecting solutions

Think of or collect ideas for solutions Prioritize solutions

Employee, supervisor, RTW coordinator and others

4. Preparation of the implementation

Plan the implementation of solutions.

Employee, supervisor and RTW coordinator

5. Implementing solutions

Solutions will be implemented

Depends on plan for RTW

Visit employee to give instructions for work

RTW coordinator, employee and supervisor

6. Evaluation/control

Evaluate situation by phone: have the solutions been implemented or have improvements been made?

RTW coordinator has separate evaluations with employee and supervisor

Structure of the Participatory Workplace intervention.

van Oostrom et al. BMC Health Services Research 2007 7:127   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-7-127

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