Table 4

Theoretical methods and practical strategies


Methods from theory



Risk perception and knowledge

Passive learning/providing information

Providing written and verbal information

Letter sent to E explaining the research

OP explains that early RTW does not increase complaints

OP explains about risk of ending in work disability scheme

Researcher explains PW intervention in phone call and sends invitation with brochure, OP also explains and RC guides PW intervention

RC contributes to brainstorm for solutions

Active processing of information

Evaluating understanding

OP instructs inventory of stressors to E as home assignment.

Inventory of barriers for RTW in PW intervention.


Verbal persuasion

Providing arguments

OP provides arguments why sick leave does not have to be experienced passively, change in behavior

OP and RC emphasise the importance of consensus


Guided practise

Guided practise

Practise explanation of barriers to S with RC.


Positive reinforcement

Providing feedback

RC focuses on work abilities of E


RC evaluates by phone

Outcome expectations

Check for comprehension

Ask E to summarize

OP and RC ask E to summarize expectations with regard to PW intervention

Safety and equality

Guidance by independent person

Train RC to guide PW intervention

Train RC to guide PW intervention

Create openness and respect

Respect each others barriers and solutions

RC avoids discussion between E and S about truth of barriers


Prevent inhibition

Avoid fixed appointments about RTW before starting PW intervention

OP does not establish RTW date before starting PW intervention

Support from work environment

Participation of supervisor in RTW process

Increased participation of supervisor in RTW process through PW intervention

Theoretical methods matched with practical strategies identified for the Participatory Workplace intervention program. E = employee, OP = occupational physician, RC = RTW coordinator, S = supervisor.

van Oostrom et al. BMC Health Services Research 2007 7:127   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-7-127

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