Table 4

Drawbacks of the interRAI-LTCF according to staff (nā€‰=ā€‰6) of 3 homes
Residential home 1 Residential home 2 Residential home 3
Best scoring home Average scoring home Worst scoring home
Too much time spent behind computer instead of providing care. Not all the important information regarding a resident comes up in the interRAI-LTCF. Takes too much time sometimes.
Some syndromes are not in the interRAI-LTCF. It is too limited to see the total condition of a resident.

It does give a little bit extra


Sometimes the interRAILTCF gives unnecessary information. There is still resistance among the employees working with interRAILTCF because we do not see the additional value.
Not all the important information comes up in the interRAI-.LTCF t is only a guideline, it could be improved to better fit the needs of the people on the work floor who actually have to fill out the interRAILTCF.
Some sections in the interRAI-LTCF have not enough/ or the right questions to get a adequate overview of the resident.
Good observing and communicating with residents and their relatives and the physician providesalso a good picture of the care a client needs. There always needs to be oral explanation in a Multidisciplinary Meeting otherwise not all information and problems become clear.
The interRAI-LTCF does not give any extra value to the care plan. It takes to much time to fill in the interRAI-LTCF.
interRAI-LTCF is now accepted but only because it is made mandatory. There is too much standardization in using the interRAI-LTCF.

Boorsma et al.

Boorsma et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:8   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-8

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