Table 3

Benefits of the interRAI-LTCF according to staff (n = 6) of 3 homes
Residential home 1 best scoring home Residential home 2 average scoring home Residential home 3 worst scoring home
The graphics and the plots in the outcome report show directly if there are improvements or that some conditions have become worse The graphs and plots are useful in that they show a decline, stabilization or improvement on the physical or cognitive area that is immediately visible The signalling of issues that you previously paid no or little attention to is very helpful because now it is acknowledged that these were serious issues important to the resident.
All the information on residents is in a database and on the computer Clear view of the residents actual needs.
MM’s are improved. Better cooperation with all the disciplines involved It is helpful in that it gives indications for need and utility of care
More standardized methods to work with. Easy to use.
First seen as extra workload now the usefulness is seen in, MM with all disciplines and there is more structure in the care process.

MM: Multidisciplinary Meeting.

Boorsma et al.

Boorsma et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:8   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-8

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