Table 3

Disease status measures included in the seven funding formulae
Clinical Epidemiological
England [29] Age-specific death rate
Standardised long term limiting illness
Scotland [31] Acute Care:
All causes standardised mortality 0-74 years
Limiting long term illness rate
New South Wales [26] Standardised Mortality Ratio >70
Netherlands [32,33] Pharmacy Cost Groups (20 categories) Standardised death probability
Diagnosis Cost Groups (13 categories)
New Zealand
Ontario [35] HBAM Inpatient Grouper (583 Groups)
Refined Clinical Groups (324 categories)
Major Clinical Groups (21 Groups)

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Penno et al.

Penno et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:470   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-470

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