Table 3

Overview of the national and/ or regional health policy plans regarding palliative care
Belgium England (UK) France Germany Netherlands Poland Spain
National and/or regional health policy regarding palliative care National Cancer Plan (10-03-2008) The NICE clinical guidance on supportive and palliative caresupport Third Governmental plan 2008–2010: for further development of intra- and extramural palliative care. Health Reform since 2006: promotion of modern forms of care such as integrated care and palliative care 2007-2010: ’Plan van Aanpak Palliatieve Zorg’: it consist of three topics: There is no national palliative care plan. National Palliative Care Plan (2001) promotes the design and implementation of services based on regional needs assessment, and encourages routinely adopting indicators and standards to assess progresses and care outcomes. It follows different strategic lines of action that are patients and families centred
NHS Cancer Plan- Sep 2000-
- To pursue the development of formation in palliative care and of research in palliative care.
End of Life Care initiative in England-launched 2003
- Development of care for the carers
End of Life Care Strategy (July 2008)
National Strategy on Children’s Palliative Care launched 2008
A regional palliative care plan exists, or is under development, in several autonomous communities.
- Organisation and finance of palliative care (optimal organisation and arrangement of tasks, products and service of palliative care organisations rural, regional and national)
- Improvement of quality and transparency of palliative care
- Education and assistance of competencies (extra training)
2005–2010: PC is included into the National Program of Cancer Treatment.
Implementation of the national palliative care plan -End of Life Care Strategy (July 2008) – England -Implementation led by the government and carried out by the regional health care agencies (24 regions) The Ministry composed a platform of organisations involved in palliative care -The National Consultant of palliative medicine (attached to the Minister of Health) −2007 march 17: The Palliative Care Strategy of the National Health System approved by the Interterritorial council
-The Welsh Collaborative Care Pathway Project
-Regional consultants of palliative medicine in each province
-The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care
−8 of the 17 autonomous communities have a regional palliative care plan
-All-Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care
National Palliative Care organisation 3 Federations of PC: - NCPC (national council for PC England-Wales-Northern Ireland) SFAP (Société d’Accompagnement et de soins palliatifs) DHPV (Federal Hospice Working Group) AGORA (Landelijk Ondersteunings-punt Palliatieve Zorg) Polish Association for PC SECPAL (Spanish Society for PC )
FPZV (Flanders), FWSP (Walloon region), FBSP (Brussels) Polish Association for Palliative Medicine
DGP (German Association for Palliative Medicine)
- The Scottish partnership for PC

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Beek et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:275   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-275

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