Table 1

Palliative care inventory study design
Phase I Development of the inventory
-development of glossary of terms[9]
-development of questionnaire on organization of palliative care
> including two questions on legislation and regulation of palliative care in Europe
1. What kinds of laws regarding palliative care do exist? (plus year established)
(Please specify: regional or national; name and summary of content. We do not mean laws about volunteers etc., although it might be linked to palliative care; laws about euthanasia etc. can be mentioned if they also mention palliative care)
2. Is there a national and/or regional health policy regarding palliative care in your country?
a. If yes, please describe (development, budget, aims)
b. Describe the implementation of the plan, regarding the organization of services
c. Is there a national / regional palliative care association/federation/organization in your country? Please describe on national and regional basis
d. How is palliative care financed? Please describe, also relevant budgets:
  -Public /private/voluntary
  -Is it dedicated for palliative care?
  -Differences between care settings?
Phase II Consultation with 6 to 12 key persons per country to further complete the questionnaire,
Phase III (grey) Literature study
-Collecting of palliative care policy documents per country
-Additional snowball sampling based on pubmed search, expert consultation, internet search.
Phase IV Comparative analysis based upon the country specific information.

Beek et al.

Beek et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:275   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-275

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