Table 4

Crucial elements for phase transitions
Element N=30 N=30 N=8
1->2 2->3 3 ->4
Assuring the leadership commitment of the partners involved in the care chain ++ ++ +
Allocating financial budgets for the implementation and maintenance of integrated care ++ ++ +
Installing a coordinator working at chain-care level + ++
Reaching agreements among care partners on tasks, responsibilities and authorizations + ++
Developing a multi-disciplinary care-pathway + +
Offering case management for clients with complex needs + +
Defining the ambitions and aims of the collaboration in the care chain + ++
Installing improvement teams at care chain level +
Guiding the care chain by emphasizing a collaborative commitment +
Achieving adjustments among care partners by means of direct contact ++
Creating an open environment that encourages experiments and pilot projects ++
Using a systematic procedure for the evaluation of agreements, approaches and results +
Stimulating a learning culture and continuous improvement in the care chain +

+: Element is named ≥ 3 times.

++: Element is named ≥5 times.

Empty cell: element is not named or <3 times.

Minkman et al.

Minkman et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:214   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-214

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