Table 4

Context factors promoting e-Health implementation
Category Factor Paper no. Paper perspective
Socioeconomic variables Geographical isolation 12,13 A,B1,E
Demographics (low age, male, married, family composition includes children) 11,14,24,48,49,51,53,54, 60,62,63,69,79,83 A,B1,B2,C,E
High occupation status, high income 47,48,49,53,54,62,63,64,79 A,B1,B2,E
Individual resources and capabilities Having non-local ties 52,53 A,B2
ICT experienced 14,47,48,54,72,82 A,B1,C
Highly educated, high literacy 47,49,53,61,62,63,69,79 A,B1,B2,C,E
Political and community involvement 46,47,48,52,53,85 A,B2,C,D
A need for e-Health Lack of or barriers to services/information 8,12,13,24,52,59,78 A,B1,B2,C,E
Fulfilling a specific need 13,25,49,54,76,59 A,B1,B2,C,D,E

Hage et al.

Hage et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:19   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-19

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