Table 3

Process indicators in both cases
    MaDO     ERAS
Preoperative counselling Preoperative counselling
No preoperative bowel preparation
Preoperative PreOp carbohydrate drink
Not planned for short stay admission despite fulfilling the inclusion criteria for short stay admission Epidural anaesthesia/analgesia
Being offered home care nursing after breast cancer surgery Perioperative warming (Bair hugger)
No abdominal drains placed during surgery
Nasogastric tube removed after surgery
Nutritional supplements postoperatively
Mobilisation > 15 minutes at day 0
Use of oral fluids >500 ml at day 0
Mobilisation > 3 hours at day 1
The reasons for discrepancy between fulfilling the inclusion criteria for short stay admission and being scheduled for inpatient admission Intravenous fluid infusion stopped at day
Resumption of solid food at day 1
Removal of epidural analgesia on day 2
Oral laxatives postoperatively
The reasons for not being treated in short stay despite being scheduled for short stay
The reasons for not adhering to these different protocol elements

Ament et al.

Ament et al. BMC Health Services Research 2012 12:423   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-12-423

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