Table 4

Core activities for provision of TB/HIV/PMTCT integrated care by CCWs at community level
Health Education related to TB,HIV and maternal and child care
Home based care
TB Case finding and treatment adherence
· Screening of TB symptoms and collection of sputa
“Community Care workers should be given resources such as sputum bottles so that they can use when identify a TB suspect”.(NGOM)
· TB treatment collection and DOT
Defaulter tracing and TB contact tracing
Home based HIV counseling and Testing (HBHCT)
· HIV counseling and Testing
“ Some people don’t want go to the facility when referred by CCWs for HIV testing they want it to be provided at home”(DM)
· Ongoing counseling to enhance disclosure
“You need enough support and counseling before you go an HIV test because If you are able to accept it there is no problem to disclose when you get home. (FGD,2)
Screening for STIs symptoms
Adherence support for ART and dual therapy
Nutritional support
“There is no food to give to the sick people. The porridge also gives strength to HIV positive people” (FGD,1)
Referrals for social services/grant

Uwimana et al.

Uwimana et al. BMC Health Services Research 2012 12:233   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-12-233

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