Table 12

Applications for Patients
Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
Diabeo URL66[32] Beta Windows Mobile A telemedicine solution for diabetes management. Includes bolus calculators using validated algorithms; takes into account carbohydrate intake, pre-meal blood glucose, and anticipated physical activity reported; plasma glucose targets; automatic adjustments of carbohydrate ratio and basal insulin; data transmission to medical staff computers through GPRSx.
Cardiomobile URL67[35] Prototype Windows Mobile A real-time remote monitoring system for cardiac rehabilitation. Sends ECGj rate, walking speed, heart rate, elapsed distance and patient location to a secure server via GPRSx during exercise sessions; server-side software displays these data.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation [29] Prototype Windows Mobile An application based on standard pulmonary rehabilitation program for self-management, consists of Bluetooth pulse oximeter and smartphone. Select and start exercise program; set custom personalized upper and lower heart rate; display heart rate, time remaining in seconds and feedback color (green: normal physical condition, amber: normal condition but near acceptable limits, red: dangerous physical condition).
PAL Calculator [82] Prototype Java-enabled smartphones Measures physical activity level (PAL) through questionnaire application on smartphones. Displays questionnaire; measures PAL.
Asthma Peak Flow Monitoring [79] Prototype Windows Mobile An application to monitor peak flow of asthma patients. Sends peak-flow reading through GPRSx network to a secure server; receives asthma trend analysis feedback from the server.
eCAALYX [83] Prototype Android A remote monitoring system for older people with multiple chronic conditions. Receives data from wearable health sensors in a smart garment; transmits data to the monitoring server; identifies higher-level information such as tachycardia and signs of respiratory infections based on established medical knowledge; displays most recent medical details obtained from the sensors.
Hearing Check URL68[86] 1.0 (free) iOS A simple and confidential hearing check tool developed by RNIDy, UK Calls a landline number to access a free hearing check.
uHear URL69[41] 1.0 (Free) iOS A hearing loss self-assessment test. Three assessments: hearing sensitivity, speech in noise, and a questionnaire about common listening situations.
iTinnitus URL70[41] 1.51 ($4.99) iOS A sound therapy package for patients with tinnitus. Records tinnitus by frequency in Hertz and keeps track of the tinnitus in a daily diary graph, supports full masking therapy that is some form of sound played at a volume around the same volume as the patient’s tinnitus, also supports residual inhibition and habituation.
Sleep Aid URL71[41] 1.3 ($2.99) iOS A sleep apnea management application. Records snoring; generates graph of snoring; plays back snoring sound; provides information about sleep apnea.
Fall Detector [78] Prototype Smartphone with camera support. A fall detection system consisting of tri-axial accelerometer with embedded processor and camera phone. The embedded processor in the accelerometer process the data locally, sends data to the camera phone through a Bluetooth connection during a suspected fall; phone generates a request to the user for vocal or keypad response; automatically calls emergency services in serious situations; sends data and video to emergency services through high-speed 3G network.
Fall Detector [80] Prototype Wireless-enabled smartphone. A fall detection application consisting of a smartphone with wireless Internet connection, tri-axial accelerometer, and microcontroller. Detects a fall; sends data to the server for further analysis to determine an emergency.
iFall [81] Prototype Android An application for fall detection and response. Detects falls; determines false positives, request user’s attention by vibrating the phone, flashing LEDs and screen, playing an audio message; makes automatic emergency-services call.
Purdue Momentary Assessment Tool URL72[84,85,87] 2.1.3 (free) Palm OS A human behavior monitoring tool. Event-driven study design; the application generate a beep when an event is fired; displays question sets, sets do-not-disturb time during busy moments.
Mayo Clinic Meditation URL73[23] 1.0 ($2.99) iOS An application that helps to practice meditation. Includes short training videos introducing key concepts; 15-minute meditation program and 5-minute meditation program.

This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the 15 applications for patients. Of these, six applications are for disease management with chronic condition, four are ENT-related, three are fall-related, and two other conditions.

jECG: Electrocardiography, xGPRS: General Packet Radio Service, yRNID: Royal National Institute for Deaf People.

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