Figure 1.

Notifications, defined signal periods (DSP) and outbreak alerts for Brisbane and Redland LGAs. Note that the scaling of the horizontal axes for number of notifications differs between subfigures. The grey shaded regions represent the years that no analysis could be performed due to the requirement of 5 years of historical data. HLM-A: HLM (15 wk BL); HLM-B: HLM (25 wk BL); C1-A: C1-4 wk BL (h = 2); C1-B: C1-8 wk BL (h = 2); C2-A: C2-4 wk BL (h = 4); C2-B: C2-4 wk BL (h = 6); C2-C: C2-8 wk BL (h = 4); C2-D: C2-8 wk BL (h = 6); NBC-A: NBC-4 wk BL no GB (h = 6); NBC-B: NBC-4 wk BL 1 wk GB (h = 6); NBC-C: NBC-8 wk BL no GB (h = 8); NBC-D: NBC-8 wk BL 1 wk GB (h = 8); NBC-E: Seasonally-adjusted NBC 8 wk BL 1 wk GB (h = 8); NBC-F: Seasonally-adjusted NBC 8 wk BL 2 wk GB (h = 8); POD-A: Poisson 2 wk Window; POD-B: Poisson 4 wk Window.

Pelecanos et al. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2010 10:74   doi:10.1186/1472-6947-10-74
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