Table 1

Benefit sharing disposition in various contexts
Context of benefit sharing Main ethical justification Parties involved in benefit sharing Legal stance of benefit sharing regulations
Common Heritage of Humankind Justice as equality All states of the universe Binding regulations (e.g. UNCLOS 1982, IUPGR 1983)
Convention on Biological Diversity Justice in exchange or Commutative justice States that provide genetic resources Binding regulations on states that ratified the CBD
States that utilize genetic resources
International research Justice as reciprocity (reasonable availability) Pharmaceutical industries and research organization Non binding regulations
Procedural justice (fair benefit approach) Research participants and communities
Distributive justice (Maximin)
Solidarity (Genetic research)

Dauda and Dierickx

Dauda and Dierickx BMC Medical Ethics 2013 14:36   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-14-36

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