Table 2

Participant response to the primary hypothesis questions



Percentage of participants who agreed (n)

Percentage of participants who disagreed (n)


Respect for a patient's right to autonomy is one of the main purposes of the consent process

79 (117)

7 (10)


That consent process maybe inappropriate as most patients do not usually remember all the information given to them during the consent process

55 (82)

26 (39)


That what the procedure aims to achieve should be explained to the patient as part of the consent process

84 (124)

6 (9)


That the complexity of the procedure affects the amount of information conveyed to the patient during the consent process

65 (96)

22 (33)

Jamjoom et al. BMC Medical Ethics 2010 11:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-11-2

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