Table 2

Overview pre-posttest designs in the literature
Number of items (design) Reliability reported Timing of posttest Control group
Crites 12 (true/false) No Immediately after completion No
Babitch 5 (unknown) No Immediately after completion No
Essex 65 (true/false) No Immediately and one month after completion Yes
Hemmer 20 (unknown) No Before last session No
Lopresti 40 (multiple choice and “pick N” questions) Yes Unknown Yes
Turley 50 (multiple choice) No Unknown No
Kerfoot 26 (multiple choice) Yes Immediately and five weeks after completion Yes
David 10 (true/false) No Unknown Yes

Berkenbosch et al.

Berkenbosch et al. BMC Medical Education 2014 14:107   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-14-107

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