Table 5

Categorization of the 30 themes identified in the current study (number of descriptions out of 197 in total)
Characteristics Themes
Teacher characteristics Provided sufficient support (35)
Presented residents with chances to think (24)
Provided feedback (18)
Provided specific indications of areas needing improvement (18)
Was accessible (12)
Provided residents with opportunities to practice (12)
Established clear roles for residents (7)
Did not criticize residents’ personalities (6)
Treated individual residents equally (6)
Provided opportunities for consultation (6)
Did not get angry with residents (5)
Was an enthusiastic teacher (4)
Acknowledged residents as doctors (3)
Actively involved residents in patient care (3)
Provided clear explanations (3)
Treated residents as equals (2)
Thought about areas of uncertainty together with residents (2)
Looked up information together with residents (2)
Did not compare the ability of a resident with that of other residents (1)
Was not boring (1)
Established clear goals (1)
Showed the next step (1)
Provided references for further learning (1)
Assessed residents (1)
Physician characteristics Was enthusiastic about patient care (12)
Did not get angry with patients (8)
Demonstrated reasoning processes (6)
Did not display bad manners (2)
Established good relationships with medical staff (1)
Did not pretend to know everything (1)
Human characteristics None

Kikukawa et al.

Kikukawa et al. BMC Medical Education 2013 13:100   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-13-100

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