Table 2

Interview guidelines
1, Introductory conversation Thanks, purpose of this study, informed consent, permission to record on audiotape.
2, Lead the interview using the following questions (note: care should be taken to respect the flow of discussion). 1. Please introduce yourselves.
2. Think of good clinical teachers you have experienced, but do not identify them by name.
3. Why do you feel they were good clinical teachers? Describe the teachers in detail regarding medical knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviors, etc.
3, Conclusion Would anybody like to say anything else about this topic?
Guidelines for the Interviewer
1. Encourage participants to describe actual cases or situations.
2. Discourage discussions of ‘ideal situations.’

Kikukawa et al.

Kikukawa et al. BMC Medical Education 2013 13:100   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-13-100

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