Table 5

Action plan on professionalism: strategies for developing student professional identity
1 A “White Coat ceremony” early in the program, with reading of a declaration or professional code.
2 Formal introduction to the attributes of professionalism.
3 Case based sessions led by trained faculty.
4 Interprofessional interaction activities.
5 A Reaffirmation Ceremony prior to entry into clerkship.
6 Development and adoption of innovative methods for feedback and development of professional identity such as Multi-source feedback and a portfolio.
7 Faculty development focused on teaching, modeling and evaluating professionalism.
8 Professionalism Awards for faculty members and medical students.
9 A clear process of dealing with professionalism concerns (for students, residents and faculty), including clear consequences and remediation plans.
10 A conscious effort to address the learning environment/the hidden curriculum by all those involved in formation of the student identity.

Byszewski et al.

Byszewski et al. BMC Medical Education 2012 12:115   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-115

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