Table 1

Interactive education themes used to standardise content and teaching
Standards Interactive education theme Quality domain Resolved by version Identification source Examples of perinatal loss workshop theme modification
Content 1. Inconsistency within the educational framework (SCORPIO curriculum) Curriculum 5 Educator • 3 stations using tell-show-do-feedback and 3 stations using problem-based learning
Tutors • Ensure a different participatory activity at each station
2. Content not aligning with the clinical practice guideline Alignment 5 Educator • Omission from the workshop of an entire CPG Key Recommendation: “Institutional Perinatal Mortality Audit” (Table 1)
Tutors • Learning objectives providing incomplete coverage of CPG Key Recommendation
Teaching 3. Information overload Overload 3 Educator • Information limited to learning objectives
Tutors • Minimise slide numbers
4. Unacceptable station timing Timing 3 Participants • Teaching station time extended from 20 to 30 minutes allowing completion of content delivery
Educator • Detailed written teaching plan with timing for the tutor to follow produced for every teaching station
5. Didactic delivery Didacticism 4 Participants • Information in slide presentation reduced and demonstrating using participant activity increased
Educator • 2 to 3 participatory activities in every station
6. Inadequate clinical relevance Relevance 5 Participants • Always use the context of an appropriate clinical scenario scenario
Educator • Difficult communication skill demonstrated by short DVD made using professional actors.
7. Poor teaching Reproducibility 5 Tutors • Detailed written teaching plan with information for the tutor to follow produced for every teaching station
• DVD or structured role play scenarios and planned brainstorming activities reduces variation when using different tutors
8. Incomplete engagement of participants Engagement - Participants • Every participant actively involved in at least 2 structured activities in every teaching station
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Vaughan et al.

Vaughan et al. BMC Medical Education 2012 12:108   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-108

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