Table 1

Example of the paired comparison survey instrument*
For each pair of characteristics outlined below, please circle the characteristic that you consider more important in determining who should be admitted to the DVM Program at OVC. You must choose one characteristic from each pair or your responses cannot be analyzed.
1. Altruism -OR- Knowledge of the Veterinary Profession
2. Critical and Creative Thinking -OR- Knowledge of the Veterinary Profession
3. Collaboration -OR- Empathy
4. Collaboration -OR- Personal Management Skills
5. Sound Judgment -OR- Self–initiated Learning
6. Altruism -OR- Empathy
7. Critical and Creative Thinking -OR- Communication
8. Knowledge of the Veterinary Profession -OR- Self–initiated Learning
9. Sound Judgment -OR- Altruism
10. Critical and Creative Thinking -OR- Altruism
11. Self–initiated Learning -OR- Personal Management Skills
12. Sound Judgment -OR- Communication
13. Critical and Creative Thinking -OR- Personal Management Skills
14. Knowledge of the Veterinary Profession -OR- Collaboration
15. Collaboration -OR- Sound Judgment
16. Ethical -OR- Empathy
17. Personal Management Skills -OR- Sound Judgment
18. Sound Judgment -OR- Critical and Creative Thinking
19. Ethical -OR- Self–initiated Learning
20. Ethical -OR- Personal Management Skills
21. Collaboration -OR- Critical and Creative Thinking
22. Collaboration -OR- Leadership/Mentoring
23. Personal Management Skills -OR- Communication
24. Altruism -OR- Collaboration
25. Personal Management Skills -OR- Altruism

Conlon et al.

Conlon et al. BMC Medical Education 2012 12:105   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-105

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