Table 1

Categories of EBP Learner Educational Assessments

Assessment Category

Example of what is assessed


Reaction to the EBP educational experience

Did the learners feel that the EBP educational experience provided benefit?


Attitudes about EBP

Do the learners value EBP as an important part of their role in healthcare?


Self-efficacy for conducting EBP

Do the learners have confidence in their ability to carry out the 5-step EBP process?


Knowledge about EBP principles

Do the learners know which study design is most appropriate for a prognostic study of a common condition?


Skills for performing EBP

Are the learners effective at conducting a PubMed search for systematic reviews?


Behaviour congruent with EBP as part of patient care

Do the learners identify knowledge gaps and pursue best available evidence to address them?


Benefit to Patients associated with EBP

Do the learners' EBP actions result in improved patient outcomes?

Modified from Freeth et al.'s Model of Outcomes of Interprofessional Education[7]

Tilson et al. BMC Medical Education 2011 11:78   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-11-78

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