Figure 4.

Summary of Efficacy Result. The symptomatic remission rate was 3.5% (95%CI, 1.98%, 5.74%) at baseline and improved to 11.7% (95%CI, 8.84%, 15.18%) at the end of study (p < 0.05). The criteria for PSP improvement was at least one 10-point interval on PSP scale. In the ITT population, subjects showed an increasing PSP improvement after treatment began. The improvement rate was increased from 28.1% (95%CI, 23.94%, 32.70%) at week 4 to 47.4% (95%CI, 42.59%, 52.28%) at the end of study.

Huang et al. BMC Clinical Pharmacology 2012 12:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6904-12-1
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