Figure 3.

Summary of switching reasons of previous antipsychotic treatment of ITT population. For the ITT population, there were 4 subjects who did not receive any antipsychotics at enrollment. For the remaining 422 subjects, 409 received antipsychotics within 30 days prior to enrollment. The treatments included oral risperidone for 188 subjects (45.97%), olanzapine for 40 subjects (9.78%), quetiapine for 29 subjects (7.09%), aripiprazole for 28 subjects (6.85%), and other treatments for 166 subjects (40.59%). The major reason of switching treatment was insufficient efficacy, accounting for a total of 321 subjects. AEs (82 subjects), noncompliance (42 subjects), and other (2 subjects) were the reasons for switching. Thirteen subjects received antipsychotics > 30 days prior to enrollment. The switching reasons were insufficient efficacy (n = 7), noncompliance (n = 6), and other (n = 1).

Huang et al. BMC Clinical Pharmacology 2012 12:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6904-12-1
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