Figure 3.

Staining of cytospin preparations from peritoneal lavage. The top three rows show the Wright staining of the cellular components of peritoneal lavages. Cellular preps from the control (CT) mice of both WT and P/I null groups demonstrating mononuclear cells as the predominant cell types (left column: WT CT, P/I CT). Control group represents mice that were not subjected to sham or CLP experimental procedures. CLP induced a significant neutrophil infiltration (arrows) at 6 and 24 hours in both WT (top row: WT 6 h, WT 24 h) and P/I null mice (second row: P/I 6 h, P/I 24 h). Neutrophils were also the predominant cell type at 6 hours of 2% glycogen-induced peritonitis in WT and P/I null mice (third row: WT 6 h, P/I 6 h). The lower row represents immunoperoxidase staining of the cells (CLP mice) using an anti-neutrophil antibody specific to mouse, verifying the neutrophils as stained in brown color (WT 6 h, P/I 6 h).

Crockett et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2004 4:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-4-2
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