Figure 2.

HPV Diffuse and Punctate Signals; Centromeric Probe Signals. A. HPV 51 sequences detected in a CIN1 lesion (6μm section). Diffuse signals only (brown arrows) were detected. Signal was absent from basal/parabasal layers suggesting low-copy number episomal HPV DNA may be undetectable by the assay. B. A CIN3 lesion (6μm section) positive for HPV16. Punctate signals (black arrows) were detected throughout the thickness of the epithelium and diffuse ones were also common, more so in superficial layers. C. An HPV 18 positive CIN2 lesion (6μm section) demonstrating only punctate signals. [The epithelium became dissociated from stromal tissues during tissue processing]. D. Section (6μm) of a FFPE carcinoma (see Figure 1D.) demonstrating chromosome 17 aneusomy following hybridization with a centromeric probe (D17Z1). Scale Bar: 10μm

Evans et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2003 3:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-3-2
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