Table 1

In situ expression of PGs in different gastric mucosa
N Positive rate P value Strongly-positive rate P value in situ PGI/II ratioa P value
vs. NOR vs. GS vs. GA vs. NOR vs. GS vs. GA vs. NOR vs. GS vs. GA
In situ PGI expression
NOR 30 100.00% 50.00% 1.0(0.7,1.1)
GS 70 100.00% / 32.90% 0.021b 1.0(0.7,1.4) 0.292d
GA 54 83.30% 0.023c <0.001c 3.70% <0.001b <0.001b 0.8(0.4,1.1) 0.086d 0.005d
GC 31 0.00% <0.001b <0.001b <0.001b 0.00% <0.001b <0.001b <0.001b 0.0(0.0,0.0) <0.001d <0.001d <0.001 d
In situ PGII expression
NOR 30 100.00% 63.30% /
GS 70 100.00% / 31.40% 0.015b /
GA 54 92.60% 0.291c 0.034c 1.90% <0.001b <0.001b /
GC 31 0.00% <0.001b <0.001b <0.001b 0.00% <0.001b <0.001b <0.001b /

a, the ratios of PGI IRS to PGII IRS were represented as median (25%, 75%); b, the positive rates and strongly-positive rates of PGI and PGII staining in different gastric diseases were compared by Pearson's Chi-square test; c, the positive rates of PGI and PGII expression in different gastric diseases were determined by Fisher’s exact test; d, the in situ PGI/II ratios among multiple gastric diseases were first tested by Kruskal–Wallis test. If the result was indicated as statistically significant, the Mann–Whitney test was performed to further test the different between two groups. Analyses results with P < 0.05 were highlighted in bold characters.

Li et al.

Li et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2013 13:22   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-13-22

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