Table 4

Phenolic contents in fruit peel methanol extracts of seven pomegranate cultivars cultivated in South Africa
Cultivar Total phenolics Total flavonoid Total gallotannin Total anthocyanin
mg GAE/ g DM mg CAE /g DM μg GAE/ g DM μg C3gE /g DM
Arakta 187.4±6.44ab 103.0±1.86a 783.6±65.11d 289.7±1.63d
Bhagwa 224.1±6.86c 112.6±1.51b 697.7±42.92cd 312.6±1.25e
Ganesh 295.5±23.91d 121.1±3.12c 777.2±34.28d 65.1±1.00a
Herskawitz 198.1±9.22abc 101.0±1.02a 530.1±33.86b 195.9±2.25c
Molla de Elche 179.3±4.60a 99.5±2.94a 560.3±62.08bc 58.5±1.27a
Ruby 218.2±4.53bc 126.0±0.57c 326.0±35.28a 111.7±3.51b
Wonderful 189.1±3.79ab 97.8±2.10a 466.3±69.4ab 322.2±11.90f

GAE, gallic acid equivalent; CAE, catechin equivalent; C3gE, cyanidin-3glucoside equivalent; DM, dry mass. Mean values in the same column followed by different letters (a-c) represent statistical different (P <0.05) using the Duncan’s multiple range test.

Fawole et al.

Fawole et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:200   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-200

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