Table 2

Antioxidant activity of fruit peel methanol extracts of seven pomegranate cultivars cultivated in South Africa
DPPH (%) FIC (%) FRAP (abs. at 593 nm)
Cultivar 1000 μg/ml 100 μg/ml 10 μg/ml 1000 μg/ml 100 μg/ml 10 μg/ml 1000 μg/ml 100 μg/ml 10 μg/ml
Arakta 83.54±0.31d 13.35±0.98ab 5.55±0.06c 79.44±0.21a 49.94±0.89a 37.32±1.82b 1.19±0.03ns 0.52±0.02b 0.11±0.00c
Bhagwa 73.02±0.26ab 12.34±0.73ab 1.37±0.34a 84.96±1.43bc 65.54±1.09c 18.83±0.22a 1.03±0.28 0.38±0.00ab 0.04±0.01a
Ganesh 83.56±0.05d 16.70±0.83bc 2.42±0.99ab 82.98±0.18b 65.82±0.51c 15.80±0.52a 1.47±0.04 0.73±0.12c 0.08±0.01bc
Herskawitz 78.06±0.71c 15.18±0.97abc 2.71±0.77ab 87.82±0.57de 69.97±0.25d 34.32±2.45b 1.29±0.04 0.34±0.01ab 0.08±0.02bc
Molla de Elche 71.65±0.08a 10.59±0.18a 1.61±0.08a 86.59±0.90cd 70.57±0.43d 47.24±1.34c 1.47±0.11 0.33±0.05a 0.03±0.00a
Ruby 83.34±0.51d 19.67±2.24c 4.10±2.24bc 83.58±0.62b 53.39±1.29b 47.25±0.66c 1.18±0.02 0.38±0.00ab 0.08±0.01bc
Wonderful 74.19±1.05b 12.22±3.13ab 3.01±0.47ab 89.67±0.72e 71.02±0.38d 49.65±1.26c 1.32±0.16 0.33±0.01a 0.06±0.00ab
Ascorbic acid 67.02±0.06 62.15±0.98
Trolox 0.82±0.03

Means in the same column followed by different letters (a-e) represent statistical significance (P <0.05) according to the Duncan’s multiple range test. Positive controls: Ascorbic acid and trolox.

Fawole et al.

Fawole et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:200   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-200

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