Table 1

Focus group topic guide
Topic guide
What does it mean to you to have a healthy mouth?
What are the kind of problems people might get with their mouths?
What are some of your experiences of going to the dentist?
Would you say that these experiences have affected you taking your child for dental care?
What would be the reasons for taking or not taking your child for dental care?
Which health professional would you feel most comfortable with for getting a dental check-up for your child?
How do you feel about your child’s first set of teeth?
How important do you think they are and why?
When do you feel is the best time to take your child to the dentist for the first time?
Are there things you know about that can prevent your child getting cavities?
How easy or difficult to do you find it to have your child brush their teeth?
Are there foods or drinks that you know may be good or bad for your child’s teeth?
Who makes the decisions about your child’s dental care?
Do other people (friends or family) influence these decisions?
What things would make going for dental care for your child easier or more comfortable?
What would make it easier for you to look after your child’s teeth?

Naidu et al.

Naidu et al. BMC Oral Health 2012 12:27   doi:10.1186/1472-6831-12-27

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