Figure 6.

Spectrometric measurements confirm the emission of red light, and the ability to see it. a. Fluorescence emission spectra of five genera of Gobiidae (top), one genus of Syngnathidae, Labridae and Blenniidae each (middle) and three species of Tripterygiidae (bottom). b. Absorptance spectra of photoreceptor visual pigments found in Eviota pellucida with wavelengths of maximum absorptance (╬╗max) at 497 (rods), 458 (SWS single cones), 528 (MWS, twin cones) and 540 nm (LWS, twin cones). The fluorescence emission spectrum of E. pellucida is included for comparison (dashed line).

Michiels et al. BMC Ecology 2008 8:16   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-8-16
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