Table 1

Description of model variables used in the analyses of European brown hare harvest records from Denmark, 1955–2000.



Winter cereals

Winter cereals, including winter wheat, winter barley, and winter rye

Spring cereals

Spring cereals, including spring wheat, spring barley, spring rye, and oat

Grass in rotation

Grass and green fodder in rotation, including grass, clover, maize, and Lucerne

Grass out of rotation

Grass areas permanently out of rotation

Winter rape

Winter rape

Spring rape

Spring rape

Root crops

Sugar beets for sugar production and fodder, mangolds, turnips, and carrots for feed


The number of red fox harvested


The winter state of the North Atlantic Oscillation

Schmidt et al. BMC Ecology 2004 4:15   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-4-15

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