Figure 3.

Spatial analysis of the species diversity around large palm trees. Individual species area relationship (ISAR) for arborescent palms in the Yasuní FDP from the first census. We used a heterogeneous Poisson null model which accounts for some degree of aggregation in the focal species. We show ISARs for (A) mature large palms and (B) immature large palms. Each pane shows the ISAR statistic for each distance (circles). Confidence envelopes are the 5th highest and lowest ISAR of 199 randomizations of the patterns over the study region. Points lying outside of the confidence envelope (filled circles) indicate significant 'diversity accumulator' (above) or 'diversity repeller' (below) with respect to the number of neighbouring sapling species.

Queenborough et al. BMC Ecology 2012 12:3   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-12-3
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