Figure 2.

Performance of the biome maps for the SDTF biome. Figure illustrating how biome maps differ in depicting biomes at local and regional level. The same area from Northern Peru is shown for each of the five biome maps. The Marañón inter-Andean valley runs through the area in roughly north-south orientation, and is most clearly visible in map B as a brown club-shaped area. The map D depicts a more realistic picture of the river valley, however, showing a narrower valley with an extension of the dry forests further north. A. Morrone's Biogeographic map [30]; B. Americas Base Map [29]; C. WWF Ecoregions [16]; D. Land Cover Map [17]; E. Ecological Systems Map [31].

Särkinen et al. BMC Ecology 2011 11:27   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-11-27
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