Figure 1.

Taxonomy and DNA barcoding of Sphingidae. A). A tree representing the taxonomy of Sphingidae showing the three subfamilies and eight tribes currently recognised (based on the classification and relationships in Kitching and Cadiou [16]) and used for the purposes of evaluating assignment success in our experiments. There are 202 currently recognised genera. B) DNA barcoding of Sphingidae. The graphs show the divergences in DNA barcodes within sphingid species and between sphingid species within the same genus. This is based on the publicly available sphingid DNA barcodes on BOLD. A "barcode gap" between the intra and interspecific divergences indicates the ease of species assignment based on DNA barcodes and a "best match" type distance criterion.

Wilson et al. BMC Ecology 2011 11:18   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-11-18
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